About BestGamblingBlog

My name is Arthur A. Allen. I’m self-employed and write about casino games and gambling for a living. I edit this site and write half the content here. I’m not a professional gambler, but I probably know as much or more about recreational gambling as anyone on the internet — with the possible exceptions of luminaries like Bob Dancer, Michael Bluejay, and/or Michael Shackleford. Mostly, that expertise is just a matter of experience and obsession.I launched this site in March, 2020. My goal is to make it literally the best gambling blog online. My first posts on the site include a post about why keno is the worst game in the casino and which casino games are easiest to learn.So far, my most popular post is the one about rummy in blackjack.

And my hope is to run the fastest, most educational, and most entertaining blog about gambling on the internet.

Also, I have a partner who also writes for the site, Tim Morris. He’s great, and he might understand the math behind some of the concepts here better than I do. He wrote this great post about whether expected value can be negative.